Friday, 20/4/2018 | 9:46 UTC+0

How the Compounding Pharmacy Founded by Nick Bova Makes a Difference

When experienced pharmacist Nick Bova founded a veterinary compounding company, it was to address a real, lasting need in the market. Compounding medications for animals opens up new options that can make recovery from illness or continued health much more likely. Being able to process pharmaceutical products that suit the needs of particular animals leads to improved welfare.

The Many Ways Compounding Pharmacies Can Support Veterinarians and Their Patients

Compounded medications regularly prove to be useful to people, but animals benefit even more consistently. Some of the benefits that compounded medications can produce include:

  • Palatability. Many parents have struggled with getting children to accept bitter or otherwise unpleasant-tasting medications. The analogous problem when it comes to medicating animals can be even more imposing. A medication that can be altered to be more flavorful, or at least less objectionable, is one that has a better chance of treating what ails an animal. Compounding pharmacists cooperating with veterinarians regularly achieve such important results.
  • Dosage. Some veterinary medicines are offered only in forms that are meant to be administered to relatively large or small animals. A medication meant for a horse weighing well over a thousand pounds could nonetheless be helpful for another type of livestock. When a veterinarian provides appropriate direction, a compounding pharmacy will often be able to adjust dosage in suitable ways.
  • Format. Veterinary medicines will sometimes only be available in forms that could be less than optimal in particular situations. A syrup that could make sense in most cases might be less suitable for a particular species of animal. Being able to turn that medicine into one of a more appropriate style can make otherwise impossible treatments realistic.

Customizing and Compounding Medications to Benefit Animals of All Kinds

With many other ways of making particular veterinary medicines more appropriate for certain animals, compounding pharmacists have a great deal of value to provide. In a great many cases, the work these professionals do in cooperation with veterinarians allows types of treatment that would otherwise be more or less impossible. From curing dangerous diseases to keeping animals healthy for longer, these kinds of efforts consistently pay off.