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For Healthier Pets, Use Better Pet Care Products

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There are on the shelf pet care products that make big promises toward overall pet health. But do they really work and are they safe for all pets? With few regulations to meet in the pet care product industry, many companies go for profit over quality and effectiveness. How can a pet owner tell how well a product works? These big box store products may treat the symptoms but they do not get at the real problems. Companies such as NuVet Labs have emerged in the pet care product area to give pet owners better products.

How Do They Make Better Products?

A company such as NuVet Labs makes better products by taking eight years of research and testing to design and produce truly effective, safe animal wellness products. This company is owned by a group of pet owners including veterinarians, a pharmacist, and a nutritional scientist who have training in pet health. They wanted better pet care products for their own pets and were disappointed with what was available. They found that on the shelf items were often ineffective and even risky for pets.

They discovered that to get a better product one needs to use better ingredients in a better manufacturing lab and use better manufacturing methods. Heat used in manufacturing can destroy nutrients. To avoid this they use cold processing. They also decided to use human grade ingredients to increase effectiveness. They built a manufacturing lab that meets human grade FDA registered standards for pharmaceutical products.

Benefits Of Better Manufacturing

They constantly monitor the manufacturing process and the final products. This quality control is unique to a pet care industry that has few regulations. Because of the human grade ingredients and monitoring, these products avoid the tainting by toxins that lesser products are prone to. This makes for a safer, more effective product. All this company’s supplements and care products meet or exceed NSF/ANSI 173, plus USP-NF, and FDA guidelines and standards for dietary supplements.

Online Marketing

This pet supplement company works with Customer Lobby to market their superior product online across America. They have a money back guarantee for customers who are not happy. The products include pet supplements, immune system builders, hip and joint support products, ear cleaners, shampoos and soothing skin sprays, and more. Please visit the website for more information.