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All About Challenge Coins

People who chose to work in the military always bear the high expectations that people have in them which is the reason why many are going the extra mile after all the hard work they put in. In some instances, the productivity, efficiency or even act of bravery is already considered exceptional and those who are in the higher position ensure that their efforts aren’t unnoticed by saying thanks, verbally expressing it, a handshake and sometimes, by making use of special certificate of appreciation.

On the other hand, these aren’t the only ways in which things are done as some use military coins. Coins carry a special meaning to these people and in fact, it helps in increasing their morale. When the soldier comes from deployment, he/she receives a challenge coin along with a collection of their most prized possessions similar to dog tags, wedding rings, photographs and so forth.

The military challenge coins come in different sizes, shapes and colors and they are usually customized to represent the situation it’s presented. Believe it or not, even when taking a bath, soldiers carry their challenge coins.

The ways to which leaders are designing their coins are different from the rest. Example, a personal coin may just have a rank and name engraved on it but for a command sergeant, they have regular battalion coin that is representing his battalion. When showing their personal coins, it’s showing their personal expression of thanks from the leader to their soldiers on the hard work and dedication they bring.

But in giving and obtaining military coins, soldiers necessarily don’t have to be an officer or leader. As a matter of fact, a soldier for instance gets coins from Post Exchange as well as award them to their fellow soldiers for deeds or specific actions. Unique challenge coins have more value actually. There are instances that someone who is in the chain of command who interacts with someone in another regularly may want to acknowledge the contributions of a certain person and do it through challenge coins.

Despite the fact that the coins are representing serious situations, they are typically part of a more relaxed tradition as well. As a matter of fact, these coins are even used at times for challenging other soldiers. For example, soldiers are all out together and one has a coin, he might then challenge other soldiers to have their coin. As for anyone who doesn’t produce one should buy the group a round of drink but, in the event that one has and showed it, then the original challenge should be buy everyone a drink.

In a nutshell, giving soldiers challenge coins significantly boost their morale.

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